Get a Grip on Graphic Design

Endless access to graphic design elements makes average people into computer artists.

Stacy Robinson, with Eagle Gate College, says it pays to know the basics of good graphic art.

Basic Graphic Design tips:

· The user must know what the invite is about in seconds

· Do not use fancy fonts that are unreadable: sure there are some fonts that will give a sophisticated look to your invitation. But are they readable? If your main objective is to deliver a message then you should make the process comfortable for them.

· Do not use tiny fonts. You want to make sure that readers are comfortable reading your content.

· Do not use harsh colors: if the user is getting a headache after looking at your invite/flyer for consecutive minutes, you probably should pick a better color scheme. Design the color palette around your objectives (i.e. deliver a mood, let the user focus on the content, etc.).

· Get educated. Eagle Gate College’s typeography class will help you with the science of color and font for your design work.

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