Voting Made Easy

Getting out to vote is so important and now it’s easier than ever.

Spencer Hadley, Office Administrator at the Lieutenant Governor’s Office shares details about the Utah voter education website,

• The State of Utah voter education website is at The site is a one-stop source for all things vote. It provides everything a Utah voter needs to know about issues, candidates and what’s going to be on the ballot for the general election, Nov. 6, 2012.

VOTE.UTAH.GOV was developed and is overseen by the Office of the Lieutenant Governor, Greg Bell. The Lt. Governor’s office is charged with overseeing elections throughout the state of Utah.

* VOTE.UTAH.GOV details Utah’s voter ID Requirements. Again, this year you need your ID to vote – whether you’re voting early or voting on Election Day. A Driver’s License is the most obvious ID, but there are other options you can also find out about at

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