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The risk of cataracts only increases with age, and if you need surgery, you want to make sure your eyes are in the best hands.

Dr. Phillip Hoopes, Jr. from Hoopes vision is among the most experienced cataracts surgeons in the nation.

Hoopes Vision, located in the Salt Lake City area, has positioned itself as a leading provider of laser-assisted cataract surgery, and a premier destination for cataract treatment, by becoming the first clinic in the world to acquire multiple laser cataract systems. By adding the new Optimedica Catalys precision cataract laser to its surgery center alongside the Alcon LenSx laser (acquired in 2011), Hoopes Vision now employs both of the cataract laser platforms currently approved by the FDA. The unparalleled precision and accuracy of these laser systems, especially when paired with advanced multifocal and toric lens implants, can lead to a safer procedure and better postoperative vision in the patient.

Laser-assisted cataract surgery replaces the hand-held tools used in the first steps of the traditional cataract procedure with a precise, computer-guided laser. These steps include making access incisions for the surgeon to be able to work inside the eye, incisions for correcting astigmatism, and capsulorhexis, which is an opening in the capsule containing the cataract. The laser performs these steps with a level of precision up to 100 times greater than a handheld blade, which can lead to better wound healing and reduced risk of infection.

With two high-tech cataract laser systems at their disposal, Hoopes Vision’s surgeons can now offer patients a level of custom treatment unequalled anywhere in the world. While all human eyes share the same general anatomic structure, every eye is unique in shape, size, curvature and many other ways. Therefore, the more options the surgeon has available, the greater the probability of creating a custom surgery that will assure the patient obtains the safest, best result possible. Dr. Phillip C. Hoopes, CEO and Chief of Surgery at Hoopes Vision, states, “The new Catalys system is the perfect addition to Hoopes Visions’ our state-of-the-art facility. Its sophisticated technology provides accuracy benefits and an exceptional experience for patients. Patients who choose to have surgery at Hoopes Vision can be confident they are receiving the highest level of customization and the most advanced technology available.”

For over a decade, Hoopes Vision, based in Sandy, Utah near Salt Lake City, has provided the latest in vision correction technology to patients in the Provo, Ogden, and Salt Lake City areas, as well as throughout Utah. Laser-assisted cataract surgery, with the Catalys and LenSx laser platforms, is just the latest example of Hoopes Vision’s commitment to representing the cutting edge in surgical technology and expertise.

For more information visit www.hoopesvision.com.

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