Get a Salon Blowout at Home

We want style. We want volume. We want shine. We don’t want to spend big bucks at the hair salon to get it! And now we don’t have to.

Megan Moore from Moore Hair Design says the secret is in the tools.

Tourmaline Pro Hair Dryer by HerStyler
$78.95 (on sale from $279.99),

You’ve heard of the latest craze in beauty, the blow dry bar, a salon dedicated to the art of that perfect blowout that lasts for days. But for those of us who can’t splurge on a salon style too often, let’s take a look at how you can learn from the pros, and get those same results at home.

It starts with the basics:
-Shampoo hair twice, squeaky clean hair will dry faster, have more volume, and hold the style much longer.

-Use a high quality dryer. New technology like the use of tourmaline in dryers give smoother results and seals the style using negative ions. These types of dryers can speed up dry time by 60%, they are also lighter weight with quieter motors, so it is worth the extra investment.

-Use a brush that is designed for heat styling such as a ceramic round brush that will retain heat and act as an iron while your drying. A larger round brush will give a straighter look, while a smaller barrel will give more curl or flip.

Let the tools do more of the work:
-Section your hair using clips into 4 or 5 smaller, workable sections- you’ll be more efficient and avoid missed spots that remain damp.

-Use the brush to pick up the hair in each section rather than your hands, again this is a much more efficient method and will cut down on dry time.

-Always use the nozzle that comes with your dryer, it concentrates air flow into a narrow field and gives a safe distance between the heat coils and your hair.

-Keep the air flowing with the grain of your hair which is downward towards the floor, it will do wonders for the overall smoothness and finish on the hair.

Practice alternating hands to avoid tired arms and shoulders:
-By alternating using both right and left hands to hold the dryer, you’ll give your arms and shoulders a break and be able to thoroughly dry the hair without stopping.

-Hold the dryer with the outside hand, meaning that if you are working on the right side of your head- use your right hand to hold the dryer. Then switch to the left hand when working the left side. It takes some practice but you’ll never hit yourself in the face with the power cord again, so it is worth the effort!

-Place the brush under the section of hair by reaching across your body, then guide the dryer next to the brush in a downward motion from root to tip.

-Use your dominant hand (rather it be holding the brush or the dryer) as the guide hand, while the non-dominant hand will follow close behind.

Megan Moore is the owner of Moore Hair Design located in Cottonwood Heights, and the voice behind the beauty blog

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