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Get ’em before they’re gone! 7 must-try summer treats

There are a lot of great things about summer. Warm nights, family trips, and the treats! Many of them have about run their course, so get ’em before they’re gone!

Chelsea Fairbourn shares some of the tastiest summer treats you have to try.


Summer Treats You Don’t Want to Miss

Kneaders All-American Apple Pie
Ends: End of August 2019

Who doesn’t love apple pie? Kneaders had their All-American menu running all through the summer. One menu item is the All-American Apple Pie. It only runs through the weekend, so get it in quick!

Taco Amigo Fresh Peach Shake
Ends: Approximately end September 2019

This particular dessert has a cult following. And you’re in luck, it just came out! Located in Orem and Pleasant Grove, Taco Amigo rotates through about six different kinds of peaches. So each time you go back, it tastes slightly different. This will be around for the next month or so, so get two or three…or more, we won’t judge!

Last Course Ice Cream
Ends: End of August 2019

Last Course has a few ice cream flavors that are seasonal. Honeycomb, Cherry Fudge, and White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. They also have Cake by Courtney cakes(!!), so they will have her Peach Crisp cake as well. Goes through the weekend, so take the family out for cake and ice cream!

Rockwell Passion Fruit Huckleberry Ice Cream
Ends: End of August 2019

Rockwell is known for their smooth creamy ice cream. This passion fruit huckleberry flavor lasts through the weekend so get on down to your local Rockwell! Find them in Sugarhouse, Daybreak, and Provo.

Dough Co. Cherry Limeade Cookie Dough
Ends: End of August 2019

This one tastes just like a cherry limeade, but in cookie dough form! Sounds weird, but trust us, just try it. You can get just a scoop or get it half-baked, like a pizookie.

Vampire Penguin Shaved Snow

Not quite a snow cone, it’s something even better. It’s kind of similar to Subzero Ice Cream, where they use freezing cold temperatures on flavored water. It turns into this tasty scoop that resembles the freshest, powdery snow. Find it in American Fork.

Popsicle Double Pop
Starts: Summer 2020

Don’t know if you noticed, but those double popsicles just disappeared. Apparently, Justin Bieber took note. The company discontinued the double pop, but when Justin’s tweet got over 100,000 retweets, they said they’d bring it back. So look forward to Summer 2020, the return of the double popsicle!

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