Get Prepared: 72-Hour Food Supply Kits

Recent power outages from wind storms remind us of the need to be
prepared for an emergency situation. Right now, you can get a huge deal on
some of those emergency essentials.

Larry Baum from Family Storehouse is offering 50% 72-hour food supply kits.

Is your family prepared to survive an emergency or disaster situation? At
Family Storehouse, we have everything you need for disaster survival, auto
emergency preparedness, water treatment, and emergency food supplies. We
offer the highest quality long-term food storage kits, first aid kits, 72-hour
kits, emergency supplies, survival tools, and water treatment equipment to
make sure your family can survive any disaster or emergency! Be sure to like
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72-Hour Food Storage Kits

Our food storage products are one of the most convenient and easy options
available on the market today. Each item has been selected for its quality,
variety, and nutritional value.

All of these meals only require water to make. Boiling water works the
fastest. Cold water will work but extends the re-hydration time. Each Meal
comes in a convenient 5 to 8 serving pouch. This allows you to open the pail
and use any of the products without spoiling the others.

The pails are all specially designed to stack easily so you can put a large
amount of food storage in a small place. Did we mention that this high
quality food can last up to 20+ Years!

* 2 Person 72 Hour Food Storage Supply (Shipping Included)!
This is our newest addition to our food storage products. The 2 person 72
hour supply is a perfect addition to any 72 hour kit. It comes in a small, easy
to store 1 gallon container and the best part, is that it tastes great and can
last up to 25 years! As with all of our food storage products, its 100%
vegetarian and contains no harmful preservatives.

*This product is specifically designed to be small and compact so that in the
event of an emergency you can grab it and go. It only weighs 3 pounds, and
comes with and easy to carry handle.

*For our Hawaii/Alaska customers, this product comes in a small red bag.
This allows us to ship it cheaper and easier to you.

* The contents include the following:

5-Servings: Creamy Potato Soup
5-Servings: Creamy Vegetable Rice
5-Servings: Oatmeal
5-Servings: Vegetable Barley Soup
5-Servings: Whey Milk
8-Servings: Instant Rice

*That is a total of 33 Servings!

*We may have to substitute different products depending on availability. You
will always receive a product of equal or better value.

* Right now, you can purchase the 72 hour food supply for ½ off! It’s
normally $72, but you can buy it for $36 if you enter promo code
“oremfiremike”. Go to to

· $10 from each 72 hour kit purchased will go to help the family of Orem
firefighter Mike
Stentzel, who has been in a coma since suffering an intracranial hemorrhagic
stroke on Nov. 2. Stentzel had just completed a daily exercise run with other
members of Orem Fire Station No. 1 when he became unresponsive. The first
ones to attend to him were his own crew members. Stentzel was rushed to
the hospital where he underwent two and a half hours of surgery. Now his
coworkers and his wife, who is due to give birth to their first child, a boy,
early next year, try to keep their spirits high and support each other as they
wait for Stentzel to come out of his coma.

· Donations to help pay for his hospital bills can be made at all Zion’s
Banks under Michael Stentzel’s name.

Check out
more information.

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