Get Strong Abs and Sculpted Glutes with a KettleBell

If you’ve never used a kettlebell before, now is the time to give one a try!
Traditional kettlebell training consists of a few, very specific moves that
build serious core strength. But, in addition to your abs, kettlebells are a
great for shaping up one stubborn group of muscles: your glutes!

Studio 5 Health and Fitness Contributor, Melanie Douglass, explains how
women can use a kettlebell to tone up and target stubborn trouble spots.

When it comes to a great booty, few pieces of equipment beat a kettlebell.
Here are five targeted exercises for great glutes and stronger abs.

Before you start, here are basics:

– Start with a lighter kettlebell, 10 – 15 pounds. But realize, that the
greatest benefit of kettlebell training comes with a heavier weight load, like
15 – 20 pounds for most women or 30 – 40 pounds for most men.

– Warm up by marching in place or light jogging for 3 – 5 minutes

– Do 12 – 20 reps of each exercise, listen to your body and work your
muscles as long as you can while still performing the exercise with good

1) Swings

Once you get into a rhythm with this exercise, you’ll feel how it strengthens
your hips, glutes, abs, back, chest and shoulders. To start, stand with your
feet shoulder width apart and toes pointing forward. Let the kettlebell
hang between your legs and stand up tall. Drop down by bending the
knees and swing the bell back behind your legs and then up to chest level.
Thrust forward from hips and contract your glutes and abs on the upswing.
Use momentum to keep your pace steady and strong. Squeeze your glutes
at the top of the swing on every single rep!

And remember…

· Make the movement come from the hips

· Don’t arch your back

· Look straight ahead, keep your chin up

2) Single Arm Swings with Pass

This helps develop hand-eye coordination and keeps your body movement
at a steady rhythm. To start, hold one kettlebell in your right hand and
stand up tall. Extend the left arm straight out to the side. Bend from the
hips, swing the bell down between your legs and then up to chest level.
Thrust forward from hips and contract your glutes and abs on the upswing.
Once your pace is steady and strong, pass the bell from hand to hand while
keeping the swinging motion.

And remember…

· Swing back first, then thrust up and light pass to other hand

· Keep a consistent rhythm

· Contract glutes and abs during the pass

3) Around the World

This is a small circular motion that really challenges your abs and entire
body to stay in alignment. Hold your kettlebell by the handle and it up by
one ear, elbows bent to 90 degree and pulled in close to head. Quickly
wrap the kettlebell around your head in a swift smooth motion. Keep your
elbows in and really lock in your abs, pulling your belly button in toward
your spine as you circle the kettelbell.

And remember…

· Hold side of the handle, keep wrists active

· Small, controlled circles

· Glutes contract to keep hips tilting in toward spine

4) Figure Eight

This exercise focuses on your core and obliques. To star, hold the
kettlebell in your right hand and stand up tall. Bend from the hips, swing
the bell down between your legs and pass it to the left hand behind the left
ankle. Take it around the left leg, then weave back in between the legs and
pass to the right.

And remember…

· Keep weight centered over the heels

· Switch hands when the swing is near the opposite heel

· Don’t swing with your torso! Make it arms, legs and abs!

5) Airplane Drops

This exercise is my favorite! It targets your glutes better than any other
exercise and is sure to give your booty a little lift. To start, hold the
kettlebell in your left hand and push all your weight through your left foot,
rest right toes on the floor. Bend forward from hips and extend right leg
straight back – like an airplane, parallel to the floor – pushing all weight
through the standing leg. Keep your left arm straight and let the kettlebell
pull you down toward the floor. Use your glutes to control the movement
and really contracts your abs and glutes as you raise back up. Perform all
reps on left foot, then switch sides.

Email Melanie if you have any questions!

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