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mud kitchen

Get the kids into the ‘mud kitchen!’ Here’s how it fosters play in nature

Make a “mud kitchen” and your kids will want to play outside all day!

You’ve seen lots of cute mud kitchens. We’ve got the most functional. This is a mud kitchen your kids will actually play at. If you’re trying to get off screens an into the outdoors, you’ll want to know how one mom from Logan gets her kids into imaginary play.

Lindsey Haws shares about how to give opportunities for playtime in nature.

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I’m Lindsey, a born & raised Utah girl, mom of 2 & crazy plant lady. I always considered myself artistic, but life got busy as I got older – and like so many women — I let my hobbies slip away in the throes of mom life. For the last couple of years I’ve been working hard to bring creativity back into my own life. My efforts with Camp Creative women’s retreat have inspired other women to do the same. I enjoy DIYs made from recycled materials at low cost. I’m a Harry Potter fan, and last year my DIY Dementors went viral online with over 9 million views. Find me on Instagram @LindsMadeThis.

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