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Dr. Matt Townsend: ‘This is how to see yourself how others see you…’

We all want stronger sense of self-worth. After all, a confident woman is a happy woman. You can see that in a woman who knows who she is.

Dr. Matt Townsend shares how we can learn to see ourselves as others see us.


How to Connect with Our True Selves

The principles of the Johari’s Window will help us build a stronger sense of self-worth.

Here are the four “selfs” of the Johari Window:

Public Self

This is the self known to others and our self. The public self is healthiest when we are open with ourselves and others.

Hidden Self

This is the self we know but others don’t. As we learn to expose more of our insecurities, we will better understand and emphasize with others.

Blinded Self

This is the self others know but we don’t. Seek feedback from others to better understand weaknesses they are seeing and we are not.

Undiscovered Self

The undiscovered self is the self unknown to ourselves and others. It’s where our greatest potential and opportunities lie. See your life as an opportunity to serve others. As you lose yourself in service, you will discover who you really are.

For more than a decade, Dr. Matt Townsend has been energizing audiences with his unique approach to maintaining successful relationships. Known as one of America’s top presenters in the field of Human Relations and Development, Matt blends humor and storytelling with interactive, real-life solutions that inspire immediate results in his audiences.

Matt has dedicated his life to the study of communication and interpersonal relationships. He has shared his experience with thousands of clients ranging from individuals and marriages to large corporations such as CNN, Cox Communication, and Lockheed Martin.

In addition to his professional life, Matt spends his time playing tennis and spending time with his wife Mardi, their six children, and three grandchildren.

Find more information about Matt’s Puerto Vallarta Tour at www.funforlesstours.com.

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