Get Your Game On Home Décor

Kristine McKay shows us how to handcraft display-worthy game pieces for your home.

Large wall dominos: 3 for $9.00 made out of a 12inX6ft plank from home depot

Antique bowling pins: COST $3.00 plus paint. Originals $70 for a set of 3

Large chess pieces: you can make different shapes and sizes

Game balls: There are several options for bingo, croquet, and pool balls. See how to incorporate balls into your home decor

Magnet boards: a Bingo board and a fun scrabble magnet board (great for leaving fun messages for your family)

Lost and found game piece box: (made from covering a paper mache box with old playing cards)-use this to store odds and ends and random game pieces)

Tic Tac Toe board: made from a large tile board (so easy . . . great craft for kids)

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