Heirloom Salsa Garden

Studio 5 contributor and horticulturist Jerry Goodspeed shows you how to grow your own salsa garden using heirloom vegetables.

Why heirloom vegetables?

1. Heirloom vegetables are becoming more popular because:

• They are open pollinated (You can collect the seed).

• They remind us of a simpler time.

2. Some heirloom vegetables to consider, especially in honor of Cinco de Mayo:

a. Tomatoes

b. Peppers

c. Tomatillos

d. Cilantro

3. Pros and Cons of heirloom varieties.

a. Pros: you can collect the seeds, cheaper, fun varieties, memories, emotional connection.

b. Cons: Less disease and insect resistant, less flavor? Not as productive.

Plant Sale-Heirloom Vegetables and Perennials

Odgen Botanical Gardens

Thursday, May 13th

Utah Botanical Gardens, Kaysville

Saturday, May 15th

For more information on workshops, plant sales and classes go to http://ogdenbotanicalgardens.blogspot.com
Or contact:

Jerry L. Goodspeed

Utah State University Extension

Weber County

Director – Ogden Botanical Gardens