Getting Creative with Tea Cups

Studio 5 Contributor Jennifer Heslop has discovered some creative ways to put those tea cups to use.


Tea Cup Candles


Small china teacup

Candle wax

Empty soup can

White birthday candle

White glitter


1. Put hot water in teacup to warm it as the wax is melting. Melt wax in soup can, setting the can in a pan of water heated on the stove.

2. Color the wax using old colored candles or candle coloring. Remove wax from the heat. Pour the hot water out of cup and dry. Carefully pour the wax into the cup and let it set until a soft covering appears on the top of the wax.

3. Push a birthday candle into the wax and steady it until it stands up straight. Add glitter to the top of the wax. After the candle is completely burned, the cup can be washed in very hot water to remove the wax residue.

Teacup Photo Holder


Teacup & saucer

Plaster of Paris mix

About 60″ of 18-gauge wire

12″ of 26- gauge wire

Needle nose pliers

Wire cutters


1. Cut the 18 gauge wire into five pieces: one 14 inches long, two 12 inches long, and two 10 inches long. Using needle nosed pliers, curl about 3 inches of each wire into a spiral with a gap between each round. These are the tops of the wires and will be holding the pictures. Add beads or embellishments to the wire.

2. Bend the other end of each wire down at a right angle about 1 inch and then one inch again, creating a “u” shape on the end of each wire. Using the 26 gauge wire, bundle all the wires together at the bottom above the bends so they stay together.

3. Mix enough plaster of Paris and water to fill the cup. Pour into the teacup to within ½ inch of the rim.

4. Fan out the bottom of the wires and push them into the middle of the wet plaster. Hold until plaster sets up enough to hold the wires in place. Let dry completely.

5. Once plaster is completely dry, cover top of plaster with beads, moss, doily, etc.

Teacup pincushion

• this craft was adapted from

Teacup birdfeeder (not pictured)

Teacup and saucer

Copper pipe (1/2″ about 2-3′ long)

Copper end cap to fit pipe

Old spoon

Bird seed

Strong silicone glue

1. Glue the end cap on the saucer bottom. Glue the teacup to the saucer. Glue a spoon for the birds to perch on to the saucer.

2. Let dry completely.

3. Fit saucer with end cap over copper pipe. Add bird seed. Pound a piece of rebar into the ground. Insert the pipe over the rebar.

Optional: Instead of birdseed, insert a candle for a luminary to line your walk-way.

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