Getting Help in an Emergency

Getting Help in an Emergency

When preparing your family for an emergency, don’t overlook one simple
step: Knowing how to contact your local emergency responders!
Holly Kirby, with Salt Lake Valley Emergency Communications Center shares
the shortcuts to getting emergency service on your side.

· Call 911 to: Save a Life. Stop a Crime. Report a Fire.
o If unsure if you should call 911, CALL

· For police, fire and poison control: Go to to look-up non-
emergency numbers for your area.

o Type in your zip code and call, share or print the non-emergency
numbers you need

o Smart idea: print the numbers and post them on the fridge

· Access non-emergency numbers on your smartphone

o Just go to from any browser on your smartphone

· When calling 911 call-takers will ask for:

o Address and city of your emergency (especially important with cell

o Phone number you are calling from

o Your emergency

· When calling 911 remember to:

o Stay calm

o Answer ALL of the call-taker’s questions

o Stay on the line until directed otherwise

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