Gifts for a Great Day

Flowers say I love you. They are the simple gift that says “I’m thinking of

But Pioneer Party is re-making the way we send a bouquet, by going big!
Brighten someone’s day with easy ideas make any day a great day.

#1 FLOWERS: A lot of people think of bringing flowers to someone who
might be having a bad day… or just because. We love the idea of a flower
delivery, but let’s make it unique this time!! Our 5 petal balloon flowers are
stunning – just take a look!

We also have the standing flower that is almost 6 feet tall! Imagine the
surprise on someone’s face if they opened their front door to see this
sitting on their front porch!

If you decide to go with fresh flowers, our favorite pick is to run to Costco
and get a bouquet of wildflowers. Re-wrap at home with clear cello and
add a big bow! Another idea is to hang a bouquet from the front door
knob of someone’s house upside down. Make sure you leave a note!

#2 A BOX OF SUNSHINE: We’ve taken a brown kraft box and filled it with
yellow treats and knick-knacks. Lemon drops, peach rings, peanut m&m’s,
yellow balloon, gum, lotion, etc. We’ve added some die-cut sunshine,
wrapped the box with yellow twisted twine and our tag “box of sunshine.”
You could add a personalized note if you want, or it would be a fun
package to receive anonymously!

#3 SWEET SIP OF SANITY: A clear plastic cup is filled with a favorite treat
(ideas: salt water taffy, chocolate cinnamon bears, lemon drops, gift card to
get a big chill), add a striped paper straw (sold at our store), and our
darling tag reads, “Bringing you a sweet Sip of Sanity – hope you have a
great day!” We all know someone who seems to be going crazy with a busy
schedule – this would be perfect for them! These would also be cute as a
favor at a party – arranged at different levels, don’t you think?

#4 SUNNY DAY: Sunny D freezer pops are always a hit with kids… so we’ve
wrapped a box of those puppies up and our tag reads, “A little extra SUN to
brighten your day!” If you want to go the extra mile… add some balloons
(not blown up) for hours of entertainment for the kids in that household.
Their mom will thank you later!

#5 FRAME-ABLES: There are SO MANY cool quotes and phrases that can
help motivate someone or just make them smile. We have chosen a few
that we love to share with you:

-Note to Self: YOU ARE ENOUGH

-It’s a Good Day to have a Good Day!

-Believe there is good in the world. (Be the Good)

#6 LITTLE RAYS OF SUNSHINE: We have SO many cute little bags that would
be great to drop off at someone’s house. Here are some of our picks:

– When life hands you lemons, make lemonade! (lemonade, lemon
drops, lemon heads)

– The difference between ordinary and extra-ordinary is that little
EXTRA. Hope you have an extra good day! (extra gum)

– In case of an emergency: stop, drop, and eat a tootsie roll!! (tootsie
rolls, of course!)

– 30 Ways to have a good Day – a list of things to do to have a good day!

– A mini subway art that reads, “you are incredible, adorable, loveable,
wonderful, powerful, perfectly beautiful, just the way you are!”

– A mini subway art that reads, “every little thing is going to be alright” –
cute as a card attached to anything yummy or fun!

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