Gingerbread House Dough and Royal Icing

Gingerbread House Dough
1 lb honey
2/3 C brown sugar
1/3 C molasses
2/3 C oz milk
2 lb bread flour
2/3 tsp cinnamon
2/3 tsp ground anise
2/3 Tbs baking soda
2/3 Tbs baking powder
2/3 Tbs salt
1/3 C shortening

**Make dough at least one day in advance of building gingerbread houses**

Heat and mix together honey, brown sugar and molasses. Let cool.
Add milk to sugar-honey-molasses mix.
Add dry ingredients to liquids in a mixer fitted with a paddle attachment.
Mix until the dough is smooth.
Flatted dough on to a parchment-lined sheet pan and refrigerate over night.

Royal Icing
4 ½ C confectioners’ sugar
1/8 tsp cream of tartar
½ C egg whites

In bow with paddle attachment mix sugar and tartar.
Slowly add whites until the sugar forms a smooth paste.
Keep unused icing covered with a damp cloth or plastic film.

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