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Studio 5 Girlfriend Guide: How to empower and celebrate friends at their best

We need to celebrate friends when they’re at the top of their game.

When we think about friendship, it often centers around being there for one another during challenging times. But what about celebrating our friends’ successes, big and small? Can we be the wind beneath their wings when they’re at the top of their game?

Kelly Jensen believes we can and should. She advocates for being the kind of friend who uplifts and encourages others and celebrates their triumphs.

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How to Celebrate Friends at Their Best

We should be the kind of sister or friend that we desire for ourselves. In a fast-paced world where we’re constantly juggling numerous responsibilities, we all need a friend who believes in us and offers genuine support. Kelly emphasizes that encouraging others, especially our fellow women, is a powerful way to strengthen our bonds and foster growth.

The Spark of Encouragement

Encouragement is more than just words. Encouragement is not just a statement; it’s a vibe, a spark that can ignite someone’s spirit. Kelly gives an example of standing behind a wall and whispering strength to a friend. It’s about seeing the good in their life, inspiring them to take risks, and reminding them that they deserve love and success.

Including and Believing in One Another

Inclusion is another key element of empowering friends. It’s about inviting them to be part of your life and offering yourself to be part of theirs. In the busyness of life, Kelly believes that we should take the time to ask questions and show genuine interest in what our friends love and value. This level of openness in friendship speaks to love and appreciation.

Reminding Each Other of Progress and Self-Worth

We all need reminders of how far we’ve come and how loved we are. When we have friends who can specifically acknowledge our strengths and value, it’s incredibly empowering. Kelly encourages us to remind one another about the things we value and to speak those reminders explicitly. In her words, it’s about believing in one another and reinforcing the strength that already resides within us.

Empowering our friends, reminding them of their worth, and celebrating their achievements can have a profound impact. It’s a practice that fosters strong connections and personal growth. Sometimes, hearing those specific reminders from friends can provide validation and inspiration that we often underestimate.

It’s important not only to be there for our friends during hard times, but also to celebrate their successes. Empowering and encouraging one another is a powerful practice that can lead to deeper, more fulfilling friendships.

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