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Meet Miss Utah 2023: Sarah Sun

Meet Miss Utah 2023!

It was an honor to welcome Miss Utah 2023, Sarah Sun to Studio 5. Her talents have taken her to grand stages like Carnegie Hall and symphonies across China and the US.

Beyond her musical prowess, it’s Sarah’s infectious light and love for life that truly set her apart.


Get to Know Sarah Sun

As the daughter of Chinese immigrants, she became the first Asian American to be crowned Miss Utah. For her, this achievement was not just a personal victory but a tribute to the sacrifices of her parents, ancestors, and countless immigrants who have dreamt of a better life.

The Miss America program, Sarah emphasizes, is built on the foundation of sisterhood and empowerment. Her victory, celebrated passionately by fellow contestants, underscores the program’s ethos. Sarah believes that confident women empower and uplift one another, fostering a culture of inclusion and belonging.

Sarah’s faith, a guiding force in her life, played a crucial role in her journey. As a convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, her commitment to modesty was an outward representation of her inner beliefs. Despite challenges and doubts, she stood firm, using her faith as a beacon to guide her through the Miss Utah competition.

But Sarah’s story doesn’t end with her victory. Her platform, “Reducing Recidivism, Strengthening Communities,” reflects her commitment to creating positive change. By bringing music education to prisons and supporting the families of incarcerated individuals, she addresses recidivism from multiple angles, emphasizing that prison issues are, in reality, community issues that affect us all.

As young women look up to Sarah, she hopes they take away a powerful message: the importance of knowing who you are and standing up for what is just and true. She encourages others to find strength within themselves and to see the potential in making a difference, one person at a time.

We eagerly anticipate the impact Sarah will continue to make as she competes in the Miss America pageant later this year.

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