glitter glasses

Brooke calls these glitter glasses ‘the best $13 you’ll spend this Christmas!’

Some Christmas glitter glasses will really up the fun factor this holiday.

All the fun moms and grandmas know it only takes one little pop to make an ordinary day feel fun and standout. So, if you have thirteen bucks to spare, we’re going to suggest you spend it on this.

This 12-pack of Christmas Glitter Glasses by Max Fun is the holiday hit at Brooke’s house. For a budget buy, we were impressed by the detail and stability (read: little hands won’t break ‘em!). From bookend pop-up sequined Christmas trees, to a duo of scarf-wrapped snowman, each pair showcases its own style and flair.

“We decided to keep them in a simple glass jar by the front door,” Brooke said. “So when friends or random visitors stop by, it makes for a cute doorway moment that my kids get a kick out of.”

For an extra fun, festive experience? Complete the look, Brooke says!

“Pop them on when you’re wearing Christmas jammies or – even better – listening to some rocking Christmas tunes on the Alexa, and the fun factor goes through the roof!”

Get your own 12-pack of Christmas Glitter Glasses by clicking HERE.

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