Glitter, spin, repeat! Make your own tumbler with this one cool tool…

You’ve seen glittered tumblers around. You could go out and buy one, or you could customize and glitter your own with one cool tool!

Aly Dosdall shares the supply list, and cool method, for this fun craft.

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Glittered Tumblers

If you’re wanting to make a unique gift for a graduate, a bridal shower, or another fun event, try making a glittered tumbler!
Originally if you wanted to make a tumbler, you would have needed to use random household items like rotisserie motors, wood, PVC pipes, pool noodles, nerf footballs, etc.
Now there’s a tool at Michael’s Stores that’s completely dedicated to making these tumblers – it’s called The Spin It Tool.
You can find the details here.
The “Spin It” is a motorized rotary drying tool. It kind of looks like a hand mixer with one beater, and you place your cup on it to dry the epoxy. It spins the cup while it dries so the epoxy doesn’t drip or collect in certain spots and you have a nice even coat. It’s unique because it’s the first dedicated tumbler turner (motorized rotary drying tool) on the market.

Here’s what you need to make your glittered tumbler:

Follow the directions from the Spin-It Tool Kit, and enjoy your new tumbler!