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Fun Kids Science Projects You Can do at Home

Trying to entertain the kids can get tricky. If you’re kids are spending too much time in front of screens, these fun science projects will shake things up a bit.

Zak Gezon shares some fun experiments that will blow your kid’s minds.

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At-Home Kids Science Projects

Do you find yourself reaching for the same activities for your kids over and over? You might be on the hunt for some fresh ideas that will get kids excited. These five fun science projects are perfect for curious kids.

Egg Carton Garden

Put some top soil in an empty egg carton. Sprinkle some seeds on top and press them into the dirt. Spray with water so it’s nice and wet. Set in the sun and when it sprouts, you can take the whole thing and put it outside in your yard.

Insect Habitats

Kids love to play with bugs, and if you want to take them inside, make sure they have a nice habitat. A good insect habitat is one that reflects the surroundings of where it came from. Depending on the bug, put some dirt and plants in a jar or box and make a nice home for your insect friend.

Geology Cupcakes

Mix up some cupcake batter and separate it into five different sections. Put different color food coloring in each part. Layer the different colors in the baking cup and bake. When you finish and break the cupcakes apart, you can teach the kids about the stratification of Utah’s rock formations.

Create Your Own Rock Crystals

Heat up some water and add as much salt as possible. Stir it up until it’s really saturated. Add some food coloring, and then place one end of a string in the water and one end on a plate. As it sits, it will start growing crystals. Every hour you come back it will look different.

Insect Sound Game

Insects use sound to find each other in the dark. This game is a take on that. Take some Easter eggs and put different small objects inside so they make different sounds (beans, staples, paper clips, etc.) Then turn off the lights, shake the eggs, and try to find the matching sounds.

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