Global Chic Home Décor

The global chic look is one of the hottest new trends in home decorating. It’s a style all about blending international accents and patterns to create a sophisticated, jet set look!

Studio 5 Contributor Lauren Oviatt shares four key components to the global chic style.

One of the most successful ways to make our homes look more lived-in and less like a model home is by layering our most loved objects, treasured collections, and pieces with a little age. A total departure from the clean-lined, colorless rooms featured in some magazines.

– Mixed Metals

Many of the treasures we bring back with us from our travels are jewelry or fine crafted metalware… think bowls, sculptures, objets d’ art. Updating your spaces from ‘global’ to ‘global chic’ means bringing out more bling. Don’t be afraid to combine silver tones with gold and brass tones.

– Eclectic Displays

Most people who have traveled globally have the most wonderful collections… most don’t have room to store it nor do they want it hidden in cupboards and closets. Attaining the ‘global chic’ look means taking the time to create vignettes or conversation pieces that make our gathered treasures look beautiful instead of looking like we belong on a hoarding reality show.

– Modern Art

One of the quickest ways to bring a global look to your home is by exchanging your traditional landscapes and heavily-framed giclees to more open, modern art. It doesn’t have to be an expensive oil painting, it can be a wide-scale abstract piece that looks like brush strokes on canvas. It can be a black and white photo of a far off place. In my opinion the bigger the scale, the more successful the piece comes off.

– Timeworn Textures

Who isn’t intrigued by the textiles and fabrics that come from other countries? Hair on hide rugs, chunky knit throw blankets, crewel embroidered wall hangings and punchy tribal patterns instantly infuse the global look into any space. This is a place where layering is key. Don’t be afraid to combine textures and patterns… this is one of the only design areas where you can get away with being ‘funky’ and it won’t come off as looking like you’re color-blind.

Lauren Stimpson Oviatt

Oviatt Design

Lauren has always had a love for interior and landscape design, floral décor, and all things beautiful! Having lived in the South and also on the west coast before settling in Utah, her design instinct is to combine traditional elements and furniture with updated style and current color palettes. She is constantly looking for ways to infuse glamour into her projects while bringing a fresh perspective and an eye for tasteful, classic design. Lauren has degrees in both Public Relations and Interior Design and worked in wedding/event planning before transitioning to residential and hospitality design.

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