Wicked Little Plants for Halloween

Step up your Halloween décor with some freaky flora. Orange, black, and purple plants will add scary style to your front porch.

Carly Gillespie with Cactus & Tropicals shares her wicked plant picks for Halloween.

It’s official; October is here which means Halloween is right around the corner. Your neighbors are surely putting up their wicked witch and mummy decorations. But, why not try something new instead of the same old monster decals? Nurseries are full of wicked little plants that you can use to decorate your front porch for the holiday, and then leave out through the rest of the fall. Try some of the plants below for some fun holiday color.


Mums come in all sorts of fall colors. There are many varieties that have a lovely orange color. Find the color and plant that suits your needs, and you should get 4 – 6 weeks of blooms.

Ornamental peppers come in oranges, reds, purples and a mix of all these colors. You can choose an all orange pepper, or find a plant that has a nice mix of fall colors if you don’t want to go over the top with the bright oranges. One thing to remember about peppers is that they can be very cold weather sensitive, so if it looks like the temperature will be dipping into the 30’s bring your planters in or cover them.

Blacks and purples

Ornamental cabbage and kale come in a variety of purple colors. If you are looking for a very deep purple kale try ‘Redbor’. Redbor kale has a very dark purple colored leaves that have ruffled edges, and has a tall upright growth habit.

Black Mondo grass is so purple it looks black. Mondo grass is a lower growing grass that is easy to maintain. It has wide, flat blades of grass and purple blooms. It is a great plant to add to your spooky container gardens, and then can be transplanted into your perennial beds after Halloween or early next spring.

Black Scallop Ajuga is another perennial that has a dark purple color that is almost black. This low growing plant has nice round leaves, and will spill over the sides of your pots. It looks great in a nice orange terra cotta surrounded by mums or orange pansies.

Black AND orange plants

Some plants like Huechera (coral-bells) come in a variety of colors, including black and orange. Coral-bells come in leaf colors ranging from lime green to orange, purple and black. If you are looking for a nice black colored leaf try ‘Blackout’ Huechera, if you are looking for oranges try ‘Caramel’ or ‘Sweet Tea’. These plants are perennials and can be transplanted into your gardens.

Pansies come in all sorts of sizes and colors. These easy to grow annuals are perfect for fall planters, because they love cool weather and will bloom continuously if properly maintained. You can find them in blacks and very deep purples, and a variety of orange hues. They make a great addition to any planter, and are great for filling in holes.

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