Global Inspiration in Your Home

No matter the number of stamps on your passport, you can rock the global
inspired interior design trend. It’s bright and warm, and a great way to
transition from reds and deep colors into a more modern look. Like the greys
and geometrics, global inspired interiors are gaining popularity. Pamela
Jensen with LIV Showroom explains with how to pull off Global Chic.

Global inspired interiors are a trend that is really gaining popularity right
now. The idea with this trend is that the pieces have been gathered over time
and throughout your travels. The more eclectic the mix, the better.

Key Characteristics of global Interiors:

· Bold prints and patterns: ikat, suzani, chevron, Moroccan arabesque
motifs, trellis patterns and even zebra and giraffe are really popular.

· Poof ottomans, garden stools, and trunks double as side tables and
seating and help create a global feel.

· Gallery walls of all different kinds of art and in mismatched frames and
different sizes. You could mix paintings, maps, mirrors, photographs, or

· Mixing metals. Gold, bronze, and silver can live happily together in this

· Natural textures and exotic materials. Chunky jute rugs, woven wood
window coverings, bone inlay accents, rattan furniture, and burlap.

· A mix of wood finishes. Dark woods and light woods mix great. You can
also mix sleek smooth woods, with weathered and warn woods, and carved
and turned woods.

· Bold pops of color usually jewel tones: orange, purple, pink, and blue.

· Artifacts: masks, religious figurines, wood carvings, and antlers.

This trend can be a bit intimidating to incorporate into your home because it
goes over the top really easy and becomes very themed and most people
don’t want to live in a themed space. So we’ve come up with 5 sure fire ways
to incorporate global inspiration into your home.

1. Add a chunky jute rug. Jute can be incorporated into almost any interior
and still feel right at home. It’s also a very easy rug to live with and will wear
very well. This rug my Classic Home is one of our favorites because it’s nice
and thick and has a subtle herringbone pattern. It runs about $800 for an

2. Swap out your pillows. I know everyone always says to bring in trends
through pillows but pillows are a great non-committal way to play with
trends and are easy to swap out when you’re ready to play with the next
trend. We are loving these fun Villa Pillows because they introduce graphic
pattern and brings that all important global Ikat pattern. They also bring in
patone’s color of the year: tangerine Tango. These pillows are between $60-
80 and come in several different colors.

3. Bring in some exotic Accessories. Bone inlay, mother of pearl, porcelain
urns, temple jars, and gourds, and lamps with graphic patterns or faux
ostrich skin really help to introduce the exotic feel. We love inlaid picture
frames from India Handcrafts because they bring in a little exotic but are only
about $20.

4. Pull up a poof, ottoman, or garden stool. Almost every inspiration image
we find that has a global feel to it has one of these. You can bring in a pop of
color, a metallic accent, or a little texture like our favorite burlap ottoman
from Blue Ocean Trading.

5. Add one piece of animal print. This is a fun and whimsical way to
introduce a little global feel to your space. I prefer a more graphic print
rather than a literal print like this fun little giraffe pillow you can take home
for $30.

Even though it seems hard to incorporate global inspiration into your home,
these easy steps will bring a little global into your space while still feeling
like your home. Just remember a little global goes a long way.

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