Kid-Friendly Décor

Have you come to accept your children’s toys as permanent living room
decorations? Reclaim your space in a fashionable and function way!

Designer Meta Coleman shares five ideas for kid-friendly décor.

Children naturally want to be everywhere you are. Why not make it easier on
both of you by incorporating their furniture and toys in with your living
space. Here are 5 tips on how to blend children’s furniture and toys into adult
spaces harmoniously.

Have a Designated Spot
Have a designated spot for each kind of toy. For example, we have a large
red basket that sits nicely inside our storage box and stores all the dress ups.
This makes finding the skeleton costume that much easier.

Have a Variety of Storage Options
Have a variety of storage options (soft storage bins, book shelves, and
storage boxes) that can function for dual purposes. For example, we bought
a play table that is also used as our coffee table. The coffee table/play table
can be used for storing toys, playing and drawing on top of, as well as a
place to rest your feet and read a book. If you have more toys than storage
maybe it’s time to donate them or get more storage bins.

Have a Creative Nook
Have a creative nook. A place to draw, color and work on puzzles, etc.
Children are naturally very creative and need lots of opportunity to express
their creativity. They can do that so much easier and more often if the
creative tools are within their reach.

Play with Color
Play with color. Don’t be afraid of using color in your space. Mix it up with
color and experiment with different color combinations.

Have Fun
Have fun doing it! Designing your home should be enjoyable and is an
expression of who you are. Who says that children’s stuff can’t be
sophisticated or that adult spaces can’t be colorful and carefree.

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