medal balloons

Go for the gold! Make medal balloons for your family Olympic celebration

These medal balloons will really bring the Olympic spirit.

We found the finishing touch for your Olympic Awards ceremony at home. Gold, silver, and bronze balloons will be a prized prize, and you’ll be the fun mom!

Balloon artist Mary Leishman came to Studio 5 to pump you up for a family Olympics competition and tell how to make “medal balloons” for your winners.



Three Suggestions for a Successful At-Home Olympics

  • Have a theme
  • Cater to your group’s interests. If your friends like board games to board game Olympics, if your kids want to run around, an obstacle course. If you want to do something chill, do a puzzle Olympics. The options are limitless!
  • Make everyone feel like a winner. Yes, give your top performer a prize. In addition, have a concluding celebration that makes everyone feel like a winner! Celebrate with desert, celebrate with a dance party, just make sure everyone has a good time!

Mary Leishman is a Wasatch Front native with a BA in Communications from BYU Hawaii. As a former Disney Cast Member, she is passionate about magic and celebrations, so starting Mayberry Balloon Co is a perfect fit! Mary loves Diet Coke, free diving, films, family, and her dogs Jack and Ernie. Find and follow her at @mayberryballoonco and

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