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Goals vs. Growth: How to focus your efforts on more growth in the new year

Turn your focus towards growth this new year.

New year, new me. It’s what people preach this time of year. But if you’re one of those who have thrown out the notion of new year’s resolutions, we have a different solution.

Studio 5 Parenting Contributor Heather Johnson says its less about goals and more about growth. She shares how to make it your focus.

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How to Focus on Growth Instead of Goals

Goals vs. Growth: What’s the Real Difference?

What separates goals from growth? Heather breaks it down beautifully. She highlights how goals often stem from a “fresh start effect,” where we wait for that magic calendar date to grant us permission to improve. But growth? It’s an ongoing journey, not confined to a specific date or time. It doesn’t label days as passes or failures.

Embracing Humility in Parenting and Personal Growth

As parents, Heather emphasizes the need to acknowledge our roles within a constantly changing landscape. Whether our kids are young or grown, understanding their perspectives and emotional landscapes remains crucial. Humility plays an important role here. It’s not just about recognizing our weaknesses; it’s about leveraging strengths without ego.

Making Room for Growth: Clearing Mental Space

Ever felt overwhelmed by the sheer volume of tasks and aspirations? Heather says before diving headfirst into new endeavors, create space. It’s like decluttering a closet—make room for the new by letting go of the old. Time, mental energy, or even self-imposed limitations can be areas to reconsider.

Three Questions for Guided Growth

Heather’s three guiding questions prompt reflection, grace, and actionable steps toward growth:

  1. What do I want to stop doing? Acknowledge what’s holding you back.
  2. What do I want to start doing? Identify new practices or habits worth exploring.
  3. What do I want to continue doing? Celebrate past wins and keep nurturing those aspects that bring you joy and progress.

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