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Do you actually have good manners? Here are 5 things polite people do

Good manners are always in style.

As we reflect and reassess our habits at the start of the year, now could be a good time to check your manners. That may feel like a childish way to say it, but being well-mannered is a good practice for adults, too.

Host of KSL Radio’s Inside Sources, Boyd Mathson, sees all kinds of people in all sorts of situations, and has noticed certain behaviors rise to the top. Boyd compiled a short list of things polite people do. He shares a few ideas from George Washington and a few of his own.

Boyd Matheson continues to share invaluable insights from 1 to 3 every day on KSL News Radio.


Good Manners to Adopt in 2024

Think Before You Speak

Ever wondered what an iconic figure like George Washington did at 14? Well, it wasn’t playing video games. Washington transcribed 110 rules for civility into a blank book, offering a glimpse into a different era’s manners. Rule 73 urges us to think before speaking—an ageless piece of advice often hard to follow. Why is it so challenging? Simply put, speaking in anger often leads to words we regret.

Boyd highlights the human ability to choose responses instead of reacting impulsively. Taking a moment to pause, breathe, and reconsider our thoughts can defuse tense situations and provide clarity.

Managing Technology Etiquette

Consider rule 18 from Washington—reading in company requires permission. Apply this principle to our current tech-driven age; scrolling through phones during personal interactions lacks the courtesy we’d extend if reading a letter in company. Acknowledging the distraction and requesting a brief pause can show respect and full engagement.

The Art of Restraint

When you have the urge to judge, remember… restraint always works. Suspend your judgement of others because even just a little restraint can give you a mile worth of perspective to help you see a person or a situation entirely differently.

Stay Radically Curious

Equally crucial is being radically curious—delving deeper, asking the crucial “why” questions to understand perspectives beyond the surface.

Embracing Slow Conversations

Einstein said he was never smarter than anyone else. He was just wiling to stay with the questions a little longer. There is wisdom in lingering on questions. In our fast-paced lives, staying present in conversations, resisting the urge to rush to the next thing, fosters deeper connections and richer insights.

As we navigate 2024, let’s pause, reflect, ask why, and engage in slower, more deliberate conversations. By incorporating these principles, we can navigate modern interactions with grace and respect.

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