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Improve relationships by understanding your brain. 3 facts you need to know

Understanding your brain can help improve your relationships.

It’s said that everything begins in the mind – our thoughts, emotions, and memories shape our experiences. Understanding the intricacies of our brain not only aids in self-care, but also empowers us to connect better with those around us.

Clinical social worker Ginger Healy shares why comprehending brain basics can transform us into better friends, partners, and parents.

Ginger’s resources, including her podcast “Regulated and Relational” and book “Regulation and Co-Regulation,” offer deeper insights into nurturing healthy relationships through neuroscience.


Start Understanding Your Brain With These 3 Facts

Three Facts About the Brain

  1. The Brain Is Moldable

Ginger emphasizes a crucial point: our brains are not stagnant entities. Contrary to the belief that growth halts after a certain age, neuroscience reveals that our brains possess lifelong plasticity. We can create new neural pathways, altering attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors throughout our lives. Recognizing this power to change is hopeful, keeping us from staying stagnant and from the fear of the unknown.

  1. The Brain Is Use Dependent

Similar to muscles in our body, the brain operates on a ‘use it or lose it’ principle. What we focus on, attend to, and engage with strengthens corresponding neural networks. Neglecting certain aspects causes them to weaken or even diminish. In an era flooded with diverse media choices, Ginger advises intentional consumption, urging us to be mindful of what we feed our minds.

  1. The Brain Is State Dependent

Understanding the brain’s connection to our nervous system states is important. When in a calm, regulated state, our brain operates optimally, accessing key cognitive functions. Conversely, fear or stress restricts access to certain brain areas, affecting our abilities. Recognizing how our state influences our cognitive capacity can redefine our expectations, relationships, and overall experiences.

Implications for Relationships and Life

The implications of these brain insights affect our lives. They alter our expectations, redefine our connections, and influence every decision we make. Ginger’s passion for this field stems from its profound impact on relationships, empowering individuals to navigate life with deeper understanding and empathy.

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