Grab-n-Go Gifts

prepare and have on hand.
Emily Hover with Pioneer Party shares ideas to make your gift giving process less of a hassle.


First, set aside a place to have all your supplies for “giving.” Grab a basket, a box, or a certain shelf. If you are just starting out, these are our recommendations for supplies to have in your giving basket:

• A spool of craft raffia (goes with everything!).

• Assorted printed ribbon (don’t buy one large spool of one particular ribbon – this limits you when wrapping).

• 2-3 take-out containers (the kind you get Chinese food take-out in – think cookies or jewelry!).

• A few sheer organza bags (these are great for jewelry, especially bracelets and charms).

• Gable boxes. These are similar to a picnic box. Perfect for the odd sizes or the gift that you don’t want to be seen in a clear cello

• Assorted sizes of clear cellophane bags

• Misc “Tie-On’s.” These are little items that you can tie on to the outside of your wrapped gift. These make your gift interesting! Examples include a charm, a gourmet mint, a bracelet, a tin ornament, a small scented sachet

• Gift wrap and/or Tissue Paper

(You can purchase our “Giving Basket Starter Kit” online at


All of these gift ideas are inexpensive and you can keep them right in your giving basket!

A Bag of Swedish Fish

Using clever tags, you can customize a gift for just about any occasion. Draw on these clever sayings: “It’s 0-FISH-AL, you’re the best _____” or “FISHing you a very Happy Birthday”

Bag of Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Bears

Again, using clever tags, you can customize a gift for any occasion: “Beary” happy birthday! Good Luck, we know you’ll do “BEAR”y great! Any chocolate phrase is cute with these, as well.

Room Sprays by KMK

You can’t go wrong with a wonderful smelling room spray! Even men like these to spray in their trucks! Great for hostess, birthdays, and thank you gifts. Can use the “SCENT”sational phrase if you want to add a tag

Misc. Accessories: A scarf, bracelet, charm, necklace

For those gifts that you maybe want to give a little bit more than just a treat – these can come in handy!

Magnetic Activity Tins for Kids

A magnetic tin that folds out and has puzzles, imaginary play, counting, etc. They work for all ages! These are perfect for bringing in the car while doing errands, keeping in your purse to pull while you’re waiting at an appointment, church, as well as just at home! They come in all different themes: Spiderman, Tinkerbell, Fireman, Farm Animals, Princess, etc.


• A pound of chocolate covered cinnamon bears with a tag that says, “Hope you have a BEARy Happy Birthday!” OR “Friends and Chocolate make life more “BEAR”able! Hope your birthday is fabulous!”

• A bag of Swedish Fish with a tag that says, “Here’s FISHing you a very Happy Birthday!” OR “I am o-FISH-ally wishing you a Happy Birthday!” For the oldie: “It’s o-FISH-al – your’e (old)(40!)” Fill in the blank and have fun with it!

• A Room Spray – You can add a clever tag (Have a SCENTsational birthday) or not. Add a little chocolate or a cute bracelet to liven up this gift.


• A bag of watermelon gummies with a tag that says, “You’re worth a melon!” (Who wouldn’t like to hear once in awhile that they are worth a million!?)

• We have a bag line called, “Just for Laughs” with quotes about laughter. These are all great for a “just because” gift to a friend. Example: “Laughter is the cheapest vacation. Hope your day is great!” (a gift with a tropical/vacation theme)

• A licorice rope tied up in a knot. The tag says, “When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on!”

• A ROCKY ROAD candy bar with a tag that says, “Walking down a Rocky Road isn’t easy… the trick is to KEEP walking!”

• A Room Spray: Great because the host can actually use it for the party, if wanted!

• A bag of gourmet popcorn with the “ABC’s of Friendship” tag (available on our website)

• Chinese take-out container filled with homemade goodies: cookies, caramels, brownies, etc. Add a pretty ribbon and you’re done!

• A Bucket of Thanks: a small tin bucket filled with Thank You truffles… this idea can be used with a mason jar (“Just for You – A bottle of Thank You’s!” or simply “A jar full of Thanks”) or even a cute little box (A box full of Thanks!)

Visit to buy any of these gifts – great to have on hand for those last minute occasions!

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