Grandmas Who Babysit

We always hear the saying, “it takes a village to raise a child”, but are we asking too much of Grandma when it comes to helping out with the kids?

Studio 5 Producer shares a list of Granny-Guidelines every family should discuss to keep the peace when it comes to babysitting.

Ask in Advance

Unless it’s an emergency, try not to ask Grandma to babysit the day of! Even if she’s not working, don’t assume she’s not busy. She’s earned her time and deserves to enjoy her days doing whatever she chooses.

Offer Compensation

If your parents watch your children full time, you should absolutely offer compensation. Chances are they will accept a whole lot less than daycare. If grandparents agree to babysit for an hour here or an hour there, leave a little money for Grandma to spend on the kids, have lunch delivered, or even offer maid service to help her clean up after your children.

Grandma Rules

When your kids are with Grandma, don’t expect her to keep all of your rules. When it comes to screen time, or diet, Mom’s and Grandma may not agree! Recognize the favor your mother is doing you by babysitting and don’t dwell on her spoiling the kids a little here and there. If Grandma watches your children full time, try to come to an agreement on the rules that matter most to you.

Be Prepared

Don’t leave Grandma to babysit with a lack of supplies (diapers, binky’s, formula, etc) It’s not fair to assume she can run to the store with the kids to get these supplies.

Avoid Burnout

Most Grandma’s have a hard time with the word no. But if you ask too much, they may keep saying yes, while building up resentment toward babysitting. Recognize when you’ve pushed too hard and keep in mind their physical and mental abilities to tend young children.

Attitude is Everything

Most Grandma’s agree, they love to spend time with the grandchildren as long as they don’t feel taken advantage of. Remember not to feel entitled, but rather recognize the wonderful favors Grandparents do for you and let them know how much you appreciate them.

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