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Granny chic is in! 3 elements of this design style that is taking over minimalism

Bring in more traditional interiors granny chic design.

It’s like welcoming in a friend you haven’t seen for a while. Interior designers are opening their arms up wide to include traditional interiors – not just the all-white transitional, minimalist looks we’ve seen for years.

Interior designer Melissa Reynolds calls it “Granny Chic.”

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Granny Chic is:

1: Warm colors and materials: deep browns, terracottas, warm natural stones and woods. We are seeing so much more color palettes in warm hues, not as much all-white everything. Marble is warm, textiles and paint is warm, all feeling homier and creating more of a refuge at home.

2: Pattern heavy mixing: along with this style is pattern mixing in big ways. Plaid is huge!! Floral is huge. Mixing the two is huge! We are seeing different patterns in the same space done in rugs, curtains, so much wallpaper, all the things.

3: Traditional elements of molding, ornate details and curved furniture. We are seeing lots of vintage pieces paired with updated furniture, so the space feels a lot more ‘granny’ with those vintage additions. Tons of reeded, fluted and ribbed detailing throughout}

Granny Chic is not:

1: Even though it is referred to as ‘granny’, this style is not boring! It is a fresh twist to traditional style and is still paired with enough transitional elements that it doesn’t feel like you are walking back in time to your grandma’s house!

2: This trend does not make spaces feel smaller even though we’re using darker colors. I feel like we went crazy for white everything because it opened up spaces and made them feel bigger, but at times that made spaces feel cold. Warm colors make you feel cozy and comfortable and allow you to feel relaxed in a space. They are the epitome of making your house feel like a home.

3: This is not for people who love modern design: this style is all about cozy, patterned, and warm elements. This is not for minimalist people, this is more a maximalist attitude! There is not a lot of room in this trend for modern styling, so it isn’t going to be a trend for everyone, especially modern design lovers.}

Melissa is an interior designer with over 10 years experience in the industry and believes expertly created designs do not have to be expensive to achieve the feel you want for your home. Melissa is passionate about creating spaces you can feel comfortable in that best represents your personality and lifestyle. Melissa specializes in e-designs, which is an online approach to interior design. Everything is sourced and created online, allowing the client to take the design and move at their own pace and as their budget allows. You can find more about Melissa’s services at @brasshouseinteriors and at

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