“Green” Holiday Gifts

Gerardo Castillo from Air Terminal Gifts shows some unique, green gift ideas for the holidays from their Your Planet store.

Your Planet is a one-of-a kind concept store developed by Air Terminal Gifts and is only located in Salt Lake International Airport. They carry a unique selection of apparel, jewelry, accessories and gifts that are recycled, organic, environmentally responsible or socially responsible. At Your planet, you really can make the world a better place just by where you shop.

Here are some products that would be great, unique holiday gift items.

First up are recycled pull tab earrings and necklaces from Green Bling. These are eco-iconic jewelry made by using recycled packaging from many well known product icons such as Coke, Pepsi, Mt.Dew, Budweiser, Starbucks, and other familiar products. The recycled pull tab earrings run $19.95, and necklaces range from $24.95 to $29.95.

Next, are wooden watches from WEWOOD. These watches are completely absent of artificial and toxic materials. When you buy a WEWOOD timepiece, you can feel confident you’re making a difference. One timepiece plants one tree. Cost is $99.95.

The next item is a solar power charger from Neon Green. It’s called the Lil Piggy power bank, and it connects to any iPhone or iPod as a back-up power source. It has a Lithium battery that charges when the built in solar panel is exposed to direct sunlight. It retails for $38.95.

Here we have some fun keyboard photo frames from Two’s Company. These techno savvy frames are made from recycled computer keyboards. You can show off your environmental awareness and redecorate with some eco friendly goods! Cost runs from $6.95 to $27.95.

Our final items are vinyl record clocks from The Tunes Company. These cool wall clocks are made from recycled vinyl records, and they sport their original covers. These clocks retail for $ 44.95.

These are so much fun, and with Your Planet only located at Salt Lake International they truly offer unique gifts that surly wouldn’t be duplicated. For those of you not flying soon, you can get these great items and more online through the Air Terminal Gifts personal shopper program. Simply visit www.yourplanet.ws. Click on the feedback tab, and fill out the simple form. The Air Terminal Gifts personal shopper will quickly contact you and help you purchase the perfect gift you can give this holiday season that will also help give back to Mother Earth. Plus, they will ship it for you! You can also call the Air Terminal Gifts personal shopper at 800.962.8357 x447. When in the airport, visit Your Planet between Concourse C and D in Terminal 2.

For more unique, green gifts ideas visit the Your Planet store at www.yourplanet.ws

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