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Studio 5 Guide to the Nordstrom Sale: 6 things we think are worth picking up

The Nordstrom Sale can feel so overwhelming!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is an event that always grabs people’s attention. With thousands of items on sale, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the hype.

Style editor Daylan Dove shares her take on the sale, highlighting the key things to look for and offering her personal recommendations.


Studio 5 Picks to Grab at the Nordstrom Sale

When approaching the Nordstrom Sale, Daylan suggests focusing on tried and true items that you already love and know you will use. Invest in brands and products that you trust! One standout item from last year’s sale was the Chelsea Miller boot, which offers excellent quality at an unbeatable price. Daylan also mentions the popular PJs available during the sale. They are known for being buttery soft, super comfortable, and incredibly durable.

Daylan and Amy both agree that the True and Co. bralette is a must-have item. While it may not provide a lot of support, it’s incredibly comfortable and looks great under any clothing. Amy’s second recommendation is the Olaplex conditioner. It smells luscious, and the results are absolutely worth the buy. Although it may be a bit expensive, using it sparingly can make it last longer.

Brooke chimes in with her thoughts on the sale. There are only two things that she calls must-buys: Donna Karan deodorant and Zella leggings for little girls. The deodorant, although a luxury item, comes in a three-pack at a more affordable price during the sale, so it is the time to stock up! The Zella leggings are super durable, have a reinforced knee, and they’ll keep your girls warm all through the Utah winter months.

While the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale offers more items than you know what to do with, it’s important to focus on what truly matters to you. Prioritize the items you love, trust, and know you will use. Whether it’s the perfect boots, cozy PJs, comfortable bralettes, or high-quality hair products, the sale can be an opportunity to save money on items that align with your needs and preferences.

The sale opens to the public on July 17th, 2023 so happy shopping to everyone! Remember, you don’t have to go overboard. Just shop wisely and enjoy the deals on items that bring you joy and enhance your personal style.

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