Gym Etiquette

You think about manners at a restaurant or in a social setting – but what
about manners at the gym?

Personal Trainer Kenton Farris with Skills Fitness shares the top ten gym
etiquette rules to follow.

1. Wipe down your machine – nobody wants to sit in your sweat!

2. Keep it quiet. Nobody likes the guy who grunts and whines while
lifting weights

3. Don’t hog the machines! There’s nothing worse than the guy who sits
on a machine for 30 min., and doesn’t use it.

4. Tone down the loud, obnoxious talking. People are there to work out,
not to listen to you talk.

5. Read the social cues. This is for the guy that keeps talking to you,
and won’t shut up.

6. Modesty is a courtesy! Leave the daisy duke shorts at home. Nobody
should show that much leg in public!

7. Re-rack your weights. Lots of people leave weight out – don’t make
other people waste their workout time by wondering around the gym
looking for needed weights.

8. Don’t slam the weights. Don’t drop the free weights and don’t let the
machine weights slam

9. Posing in the mirror. Enough said! It just makes people

10. Try to keep your language clean.

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