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The Halloween Gallery Wall: Doable ideas to give your home a little spook

Turn your blank wall into a Halloween gallery wall!

Get a few frames, get a few downloaded prints, and get ready to play. You have more options than ever for fall or Halloween art – and it’s pretty inexpensive to order up some pictures.

Decorator Michelle Inkley put it all in the living room for a refreshing spin on a Halloween gallery wall.

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Tips for Making a Halloween Gallery Wall

My gallery wall is already established, but if you wanted to do a new gallery wall, maybe in a hallway or entryway, just grab a few frames that you have and get started.

I loved getting large prints from The Prints Bakery on Etsy. Also, locally, Persnickety Prints has cute art.

Don’t overthink it or get into a lot of re-framing. It can work to tape the image to the glass of the frame!

I used a placemat, small birds, large words, gold bats, glittery stars, and a big moon to create a three-dimensional whimsical Halloween night.

No new holes were made into the gallery wall, but if you’re putting it in a new area, you might want to see about using 3M hooks. They’re super easy, they don’t hurt the paint on your wall, and you can remove them in a flash.

Use what you have and try to repurpose! It makes this project easier and more cost-effective.

Michelle Inkley is an organizer, wedding and event planner, and a DIY gal that just wants to make pretty things. She has a knack for putting together a beautiful tablescape, or home décor grouping using what she has on hand or can easily make. Michelle loves to cultivate happy homes by putting together smart, de-cluttered, organized spaces. Michelle has light and bright style, with some glitter thrown in. Michelle has four boys and a hubby. She spreads her joyful home skills at and on Instagram @theglitzypear.

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