Halloween Garden Spooktacular

Studio 5 Gardening Contributor Darin Engh gives some inspiration for creating a yard full of frightful fun.

One of the biggest materials this year is moss. Current trends use different types of moss for a variety of uses. Most of the ideas for the garden spooktacular come from Spanish moss which is a gray-green, long stringy moss, often seen hanging from trees, and Spanghum moss which is short, dense, and darker green.

Witch’s Garden:

Whether you’re planting plants in a witch’s head pumpkin or creating a mossy cauldron, remember a couple recommendations for the plants.

Plants grown for their pleasant perfume, bright color or attraction for butterflies are quite unsuitable for a witch’s garden and should be avoided at all costs.

Plant List
• Soapwort – the bruised and boiled leaves make a lathery liquid    for washing clothes and when applied to the skin this liquid will    cure an itch.
• Blanket Weed aka Blanket Flower Gaillardia
• Lungwort
• Nicotiana
• Spiderwort
• Foxglove
• Myrtle – when grown indoors this plant brings good luck to the    household. An infusion made from the leaves will make a witch    more beautiful.
• Skunk Cabbage – to attract whitefly
• Moss – and slime will grow on steps that have been painted with    milk

Ghost’s Garden:

Spanish moss is great for a ghost’s garden. It can look eerie and spooky draped from fences, railings and trees.

Plant List
• Dusty Miller
• White Flowering Kale
• White Pansies
• Snapdragons
• White Yarrow
• Spiderwort
• Moon Carrot
• Hobbit’s Foot
• Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick

For more information, contact Darin at Engh Garden in Sandy or online at www.enghgardens.com

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