“Hang it Up” Party Hangables

“Hang it Up” Party Hangables

What’s a party without decorations?! Don’t be intimidated by big grandiose
plans for decorations. Just hang up some “hangables.”

Emily Hover, from Pioneer Party and Gift shares some ideas for fast and easy
hangable decorations.

Paper Plate Ball: All you need is 16 thin white paper plates
(smallest size).
After a little folding & stapling, you will have a unique shaped ball to hang at
your party. Just spray paint to match your party, hang with fishing line, and
you’re done! To make your paper plate balls really shine, spray on a glitter
over your color! Full directions are on our blog!

Crepe Paper Banner: For a simple and cheap banner, grab your
crepe paper
rolls, a stapler, a strand of ribbon the length you want your finished banner,
and some scissors and you are ready to go! Cut strips (all different lengths)
of your crepe paper. Fold the top of a piece of crepe paper over your ribbon,
staple on, and continue. You can space the streamers as far apart as you
wish! After you have it all assembled, you can go thru and trim the streamers
to finish it off. Full directions on blog! (This can also be done with fabric!
Just get different prints of fabric and cut into your strips. Fold over a thick
binding and pin. Then sew together! Pictures on our blog. And if you don’t
sew and still want fabric… just safety pin for a quick homemade look. I
didn’t sew my strips of fabric… I just let them fray for a more rustic look).

Ribbon Chandelier: Such a cute idea to hang over a candy or food
table at a
party… or make it extra frilly to hang in your little girl’s closet! The idea:
get a wooden embroidery hoop. Grab your scrap pieces of ribbon (or new),
and start tying them onto the hoop. Again, all different lengths and sizes of
ribbon is the key here. You can make it as full as you want… but I would
suggest attaching enough ribbon so that the knots are touching each other
on the hoop. I just tied knots at the top (no bows here!). Hang with raffia,
ribbon, or fishing line! Group in 2’s or 3’s for the best overall look!

Zig Zag Accordion Streamers: This is a great one for kids to help
with… Full
instructions are on our blog. All you need is colored paper, scissors, and
tape or thumbtacks to hang with! Easy, right?!

Twig & Leaf Cascade: Grab a wooden stick… a thick twisty one is
ideal… but
if you can’t find one, just any old stick will do! We tied pieces of jute spaced
about 6″ apart and as long as you want them to be. We then took some fake
fall leaves (real ones might be cool, too!) and used a glue dot to attach the
leaf to the jute. Fill each strand with leaves (different sizes and colors) until
it is as full as you want. Hang the stick horizontally above a table, on your
front porch, etc. You can use this same idea but instead of leaves, attach
spiders, vampire teeth, and skeletons for a spooky look. Add little pieces of
ribbon if you would like, or keep it simple!

Balloon Banners: Another simple idea! A strand of balloons tied
onto fishing
line, and strung across your yard or room. We have used 5″ or 11″ balloons.
A great way to add lots of color to your party. Blow them up with air, and tie
them right onto your fishing line (so you can slide your balloons).

Balloon Balls. Simply get 12 five inch balloons and blow up the
exact same. (A balloon pump is almost a must!!). Tie two balloons together
so you have 6 pairs of balloons. You will then twist the pairs of balloons
together, always twisting them around each other from the very middle
(where you first started). To watch a brief how to, check out this Studio 5
segment from last summer. http://studio5.ksl.com/?
. To see a picture of some balloon topiary balls
hanging click here…http://pioneerpartyandgift.blogspot.com/2009/03/spring-is-

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