Happy Mail

Everyone loves getting a cute letter or package in the mail. But have you ever received a bouncy ball via snail mail?

Studio 5 Producer Mindy Dunyon shares details on the “happy mail” experiment.

I was inspired by a fun blog called The Givers Log. The writer, Amber Fawson mails all kinds of items without a box! Including this fun bottle full of art supplies!

So I decided to try m y own experiment! I mailed candy, a flip flop, a coloring book, a bug catcher and a ball. This would be a great idea for grandmas mailing gifts to their grandkids, or just as a fun pick-me-up to send to a girlfriend.


I found another super fun idea that can be sent via snail mail called Tiny Mail. You can order little tiny letters and little tiny packages from a company called Leaf Cutter Desgins and they personalize a message for you, then address it to anyone you want. For more information, check out www.leafcutterdesigns.com.

For tips on sending your own fun “happy mail”, check out www.giverslog.com.

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