Harvest Happy: Spicy Green Beans

Green beans are a staple, right up to the first frost.

Becky Lowe shares her recipe for this unique green bean dish.
Spicy Green Beans
Tomatoes (preferably cherry)
Green Beans that look like spaghetti – sometimes called snake beans, spaghetti beans, yard long beans or Chinese long beans
Crumbled Cheese – Feta, Mozzeralla, etc
Garlic/Garlic Chili Sauce

Heat large skillet with oil, garlic, and optional garlic chili sauce/paste until it is fragrant.

Add beans and stir fry until beans are lightly browned, add 1-tablespoon water to prevent burning

Add sliced tomatoes and salt, cover and cook until tomatoes are broken down and beans are tender.

Plate, add cracked pepper and salt to taste, sprinkle with crumbled cheese.

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