Healing Heartbreak

Loss is an unfortunate part of life we all deal with.
And, the most heart-wrenching kind is the loss of a child.

Up at Beaver Mountain Ski Resort in Logan stands a memorial with quite the story behind it.
It’s dedicated to a 15-year-old girl known as “Jiggy”, a girl who loved the slopes and who lived by the motto “Go Big, or Go Home.”
Now, it’s a motto her parents live by as they’ve been forced to learn how to live without her.

Jocie “Jiggy” Garlick died in a skiing accident at Beaver Mountain in 2008.
To deal with the grief, the Garlicks built a memorial in her honor, and then got to work helping others.

Her father, Dean, started harvesting bees, and making lip balm from the natural beeswax calling them Jiggysticks in Jocie’s
Her mother, Lisa, used her talent of sewing to memorialize Jocie with beautiful quilts. Soon, she began making quilts for other
parents who had lost children.
The Garlicks say they feel like Jocie is proud of what they’re doing with the Jiggystick and the quilts.

They’ve found healing in helping to honor other children who have passed, and remembering Jocie as they do.
Lisa has designed a quilt pattern that people can download so that they can make their own memory quilts.

You can find more information at jiggystick.com.

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