Health Mart Health Fair: Free Diabetes Screenings

Health Mart Health Fair: Free Diabetes Screenings

Save yourself a costly doctor’s lab test, you can get screened for diabetes for free. The Healthmart Healthy Living medical tour bus is rolling into a neighborhood near you.

Christine Jacobsen with Healthmart Pharmacy, has the details.

Over 75% of healthcare costs and issues can be attributed to chronic diseases, which are often avoidable. Understanding personal risk and taking action to avoid long-term complications is the key.

· More than 75% of our healthcare costs are attributed to such diseases, and many of these are avoidable.

· We all make choices everyday – about diet, fitness, lifestyle, etc. – that either reduce our risk or increase our risk of chronic disease. In general, people understand that there is a connection between certain factors, like obesity or smoking, and potential health issues. But the challenge we all share is understanding how personal choices and factors contribute to specific, personal risk, and how we can reduce this.

· Unfortunately, economic concerns, unemployment issues, insurance limitations, busy lives and sometimes anxiety keep many people from considering these risks. Regular physicals. Mammograms. Health screenings; these are the tools that healthy people use to determine risk, understand their options and avoid future complications.

· They know their numbers – blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol – and what they mean. They can seek guidance from any number of sources, from healthcare providers to the internet, to improve these numbers.

· By making it personal, they can better manage their health and costs.

Health Mart Health Fair Event

Health Mart Pharmacy is committed to helping people take charge of their own health. We invite people to visit the upcoming Health Mart Health Fair, scheduled for Saturday from 8am – Noon in Ogden at the Historic 25th Street Farmer’s and Art Market, where we will provide free diabetes screenings to interested community members on behalf of area Health Mart Pharmacy owners.

The Health Mart Healthy Living Tour, a unique mobile screening unit offers free blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose and Hemoglobin A1c testing and related education.

With great support from Bayer Diabetes Care and Novo Nordisk, as well as a collection of local healthcare organizations, we’ll spend the morning helping people better understand their risk for diabetes and other issues. Together, we’ll be saving participants from the cost of these valuable screenings – and, hopefully, from future health issues.

First Annual Health Mart Health Fair

Historic 25th Street Farmer’s and Art Market, Ogden

Saturday, July 16

8:00 a.m. – Noon

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