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Health Mart Pharmacies: Cholesterol Supplements

Christine Jacobson with Health Mart Pharmacies has a few products that could help.

What’s cholesterol?

Cholesterol is found in every cell and is used to build healthy cells. However, it develops fatty deposits in blood vessels that can make it difficult for blood to flow through arteries. Because of this, the heart doesn’t get enough oxygen-rich blood and, therefore increases the risk of heart attacks. But the good news is that high cholesterol is preventable and treatable.

What are normal cholesterol levels?

Your good cholesterol or HDL should be between 45-60. The “bad” cholesterol or LDL should be lower than 100. Triglycerides should be lower than 150 with your overall cholesterol at less than 200

What are some good supplements?

First remember to check with your health care provider to evaluate your cholesterol numbers and make sure these supplements won’t interact with any other medication or supplement you may be taking.

1. Take Co-Enzyme Q 10 if you are taking any prescribed statins, i.e. Zocor, etc)

2. Red Yeast Rice, a natural statin.

3. Fibers help cholesterol levels including oats, Fiber One Cereal, All Bran, Psyllium. It’s important to eat at least 25-35 grams of fiber per day

4. Fish Oil (Omega 3 & 6), also nuts, avocados, olive oil

5. Niacin, a B-vitamin

6. Garlic extract

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Information provided above should not be considered as medical advice and is for informational purposes only. Always consult with a qualified health care provider or pharmacists to determine what’s best for your particular medical therapy.

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