Health Mart Pharmacies: Vitamin D

Christine Jacobson with Health Mart Pharmacies discusses this Skin Cancer Foundation report and what you should do to avoid skin cancer but still get Vitamin D.

The Skin Cancer Foundation says that a controversy has been happening among physicians and scientists about sun as a good source of Vitamin D. They state that
… “most dermatologists and cancer groups, including the … foundation … strongly argue against this “solution,” since all unprotected UV exposure contributes to cumulative skin damage, accelerating aging and increased … lifetime risk of skin cancer.

They also point out the UV (ultra-violet rays) have been “officially recognized (as) environmental carcinogens”, with “a near epidemic” of skin cancers with more than 1.3 cases diagnosed yearly in the United States and the cause of most is sun exposure.

The foundation also states that “human DNA studies” establish the connection between sun exposure and skin cancer. Even when you wear sunscreen, some UV reaches the skin and this may be “plenty for at least fair-skinned individuals”.

With this in mind, researchers and doctors suggest that there are “effective and almost effortless” non-carcinogenic alternatives – vitamin D-fortified foods and/or dietary supplements” such as vitamin D-fortified milk, orange juice and especially oily fish such as salmon, fortified cereals and yogurt.

Doctors also recommend dietary supplements. A variety of Vitamin D supplements are available at your nearest Health Mart Pharmacy.

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