HealthMart Pharmacies: Women and Aging

Christine Jacobson with WasatchHealthMart Pharmacy has tips for every age group … and the younger you start the better.


There are five areas that women … and men … should pay careful attention to to keep healthy at every age.

Tip #1 Get moving – exercise and physical activity

– 30 minutes of moderate physical activity, all days

– start slow, work up to satisfactory level, don’t overdo

– develop a routine with something every day

– dance, garden, swim, walk, jog, cut grass

– check with doctor

Tip #2 Maintain healthy weight/eat well

– five or more servings of fruits, veggies

– less saturated fat

– whole grains

– lean meats, fish, chicken

– visit health provider with any concerns

– make diet balanced

Tip #3 Get regular check-ups

– stop smoking

– routine exams and screenings for diseases
cancer, stroke, colonoscopy, mammogram, high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, STDs, oesteoporosis

– get vaccinated

– not just for kids

Tip #4 – Manage Stress

– balance home, work, play

– protect mental and physical health

– know yourself and risks

– check habits

– know your family history for disease

– find out what’s best for you

– learn how to relax, meditate

Tip #5 – Be Safe – Protect Yourself

– fasten seat belts

– apply sunscreen

– wear helmets

– have smoke detectors

– wash hands

– take supplements to help with health


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