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Healthy Costco Finds: 8 picks that won’t break the budget, or your lifestyle

Amid all the treats, there are healthy Costco finds too!

Costco is an easy place to splurge with lots of specialty sweets and treats, but it has a healthy side, too!

Karalynne Call shares a round up of eight healthy options to buy from the big box store! Fill your Costco cart with some hidden healthy finds. Plus, we know that healthy food isn’t cheap… but buying in bulk is. Shopping at Costco gives you the best of both worlds.

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Healthy Costco Finds

  1. Peanut butter – look for one with just peanuts. Not one with sugar and hydrogenated oils.
  2. Cooking oils – avocado oil with oleic acid that helps fight inflammation. Don’t get the vegetable oil that has glyphosate and inflammatory
  3. Pasta sauce – look for one without added sugar.
  4. Tuna – look for one that test for mercury 10x lower than FDA standards and has only water in with it.
  5. Sports drink – look for options that have no artificial flavors and blue 1.
  6. Maple syrup – look for one that has no caramel color, mono and diglycerides, and corn syrup.
  7. Oatmeal – look for one that has no glyphosate.
  8. Granola – look for one that has real nourishing ingredients rather than vegetable oil and sugar.

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