lee lonsberry

Heard a new voice on the air? Meet KSL Radio’s Lee Lonsberry

If you’re a frequent listener of KSL Radio, you may have heard an unfamiliar voice on the air. Lee Lonsberry is the newest addition, and is actually back at KSL after several years away!

Lee shares details about the new gig, his family, and new baby.


  • Lee, Wanted to let you know that I donated a pint of blood and the Layton Red Cross facility on 4/2.

  • Lee, I just listened to your interview ( July 22, 2020) with your friend and government rep whose family and herself had Covid. You asked for any comments, & have a phone number to contact you by, but I missed getting the whole number.
    A great subject that is going along with Covid around the world, is the number of people who are now called long haulers. These people have had Covid, but are still having horrible problems from it.
    Check it out- there is even a FB support group.
    I would love to talk to you about this, and know if you even got this message.
    Thx, I really think the public needs to know about this aspect of Covid.

  • While you are talking to the artist of the women’s mural today, please ask her why OLENE WALKER, was left out. She was THE FIRST WOMAN GOVERNOR (and the only one so far) of Utah, after serving as Lt. Governor for 10 years. She has also done many other things for the community and politicly .

  • I heard you relating the anecdotal story of many individuals refusing to go back to work because of the additional federal unemployment benefit that was received earlier this year. I found it necessary to quit my in February due to unethical practices taking place at my company. Due to the call for quarantine I was unable to find work in my job sector and I am still looking. Your “Fox News” mentality might be good for playing to Utah’s “hold your nose” Trumpers, but does a great disservice to those of us that base their beliefs in reality. I challenge you to do better.