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Heard of tanning water? It’s the new way to spray tan at home! Here’s how it works…

Using tanning water is like getting a professional spray tan in your own home!

A new trend is going around the internet. Women are putting a tanning solution into a continuous spray bottle to get their own professional, at-home tan! Our Trend Tracker tried it out, and learned a few things that will help you be successful.

Mindy Dunyon shares her tricks to getting a perfect looking spray tan at home. She shares how tanning water works, where to find everything you need, and some specifics on how to keep your tan even and minimize mess.


Shopping Guide

Isle of Paradise Tanning Water, $28

Continuous Spray Water Bottle,  $7

Tanologist Tanning Water, $17 target

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face Mist, $13