Help with Hospice Care

Affinity Hospice shares important tips for families about hospice care.

Studies show that we are more willing to talk about safe sex and drugs with our children than end of life care with our parents. It is an important conversation that many people are nervous to have. Affinity Hospice of Life has tips on how to start the conversation:

First, the Medicare Hospice Benefit guarantees comprehensive end of life care, at no cost, to Medicare/Medicaid beneficiaries and their families. Next, Hospice helps ensure that the patient’s wishes are honored. These wishes can include having a choice of the services that they receive or don’t receive. The focus of hospice is caring not curing. Hospice also helps patients and their families manage and control pain and provide emotional support during this difficult time.

More people are turning to hospice every year for end of life care. To ensure that your wishes are honored, discuss them with your family, loved ones and friends. It is also important to make sure that your health care providers (Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, etc) know them as well.

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