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Helping Children Feel Comfortable Wearing a Mask

Because masks are becoming more common in our out-and-about-life, certified child life specialist Kara Kimball shares advice to help kids feel more comfortable.


Use Medical Play

Grab some pretend patients (a favorite doll, teddy bear, or action figure) and some pretend medical tools and make sure any “doctor” has a mask on before seeing their “patients.” This will help put the purpose of the masks into context, on a child’s level.

Let Kids Choose the Mask

Letting them choose which fabric their masks is made of gives them control and helps them feel like they do have a choice.

Decorate the Mask

This helps kids feel some ownership over the mask and they might even be excited to wear it!

Put the Mask on a Pretend Patient

Some kids are so fearful they will not even touch a mask, let alone put it on. These kids need some extra time to get familiar with the mask through play. Remember children under the age of 2 cannot safely wear a mask.

Kara Kimball is a Utah native and mother of three. She has a BS in Family Life with a Human Development emphasis from Brigham Young University and is a Certified Child Life Specialist. For more advice, you can connect with Kara on Instagram @childlifesaver, or on her website: