Helping Kids Avoid the Holiday Overload

Dr. Rene Valles is a child psychiatrist from Valley Mental Health. He shares tips to help kids avoid the holiday overload.

Hold a Lesson in Holiday 101
Teach a class to the family on “Holiday 101.” Don’t assume your children know the true meaning of the holiday season. Books, videos, live theater, can smooth the transition.

Get a Game Plan
Get together a game plan. Use a calendar to plan events and provide several age appropriate options using your children’s input as a way for them to buy into your program. You may need to compromise with teens!

Focus on Giving
Focus on giving rather than receiving. Get involved with charitable organizations and donate and /or volunteer.

Be a Role Model
Be a role model for the behavior you would like your children to adopt. Behavior modification is more effective when children can see the desired behavior rather than hear it. Try not to be a “do as I say, not as I do” type of person.

Have Fun!
Children are smart and they know when they’re being sold something that they may not be in the market of buying.

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